Hi, I’m Russell.

To quote my friend Rui who came up with this site’s title (and let me use the domain name when I couldn’t get any of the ones I wanted): “My idea with TransitionSeeker was always to have a website and/or podcast focused on political, economic, social and environmental issues that looked at how we transition both personally and as a society from our current sociopolitical systems to a new society in the digital age etc.” With this podcast I hope to live up to that ambition, but with a specific pop culture sociology focus centered on presenting critical and creative responses to pop culture consumption. I’m aiming to encourage listeners to be conscious consumers, because I believe much of what we consume is completely unconscious, unthinking and therefore easily manipulated. Further, I’m hoping I can get people to look beyond their usual consumption patterns and check out stuff, cultural items and ideas that are challenging to them, where they manage to transcend or transition beyond their predictable class, racial or cultural profiles/personas. In short, I want everyone to be cultural omnivores!

For what it’s worth, I have over thirty years experience as a high school teacher of Media Studies, and I recently completed a Diploma in Library and Information Services (looking to be a library technician). I have also published one science fiction novel as an indie writer and written many short stories and film scripts. I hope that makes me qualified for something. To tell the truth, I only ever wanted to be real good at something. Maybe doing this podcast is it! Oh, I also wanted manga character boy Ranma 1/2 to get together with Chinese warrior princess Shampoo (both pictured), coz I was always a Ranma/Shampoo shipper, but that’s another story!

Image art by the amazing Takahashi Rumiko. Colouring by the not so amazing Russell Forden