Transitionseeker Podcast #13

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In this episode we finally get around to a profile of news values, those criteria that journalists rely on to select news items. Because news is not something that just happens, it’s a social construct. We also get bookish and look at ten questions to ask at your next bookclub meeting. Of course, you don’t need to wait for the meeting, you can ask them of yourself whenever you read a book. Here Russell also shares a disappointing encounter with one of Kingsley Amis’s books. Brr, never again (except maybe Lucky Jim)! There’s also a plug for new computer game Tonight We Riot, a ‘revolutionary crowd retro brawler scroller about worker liberation’, info on a new Rolling Stones song and an introduction to social media posting parties. What’s that all about? Russell also shares his guilty pleasure at purchasing a lavish new version of Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea series. He can only justify it on its future scarcity value (there’s also the beautiful Charles Vess illustrations and the single short story he hasn’t read – but is that enough of a justification?). In short, he’s a pathetic materialist. And in further news: black holes can starve – and they can be icebergs. Mind blown…

This episode features material originally contained in lecture notes by Kitty Vigo:

Kitty Vigo, ‘There’s Nothing New About News Values’, LPW501 Journalism, Swinburne University Online

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