Transitionseeker Podcast #4

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Russell welcomes all cultural omnivores with this ep, which features new segment ‘New Adventures In Pop Culture’ – a roundup of Russell’s conscious cultural consumption for the week. In short, he’s been listening to some new Pearl Jam, Black Keys, Sleater-Kinney and Scandal, and some old Gordon Lightfoot; he also checked out the recent Oscars winner, Parasite, for film, and he has just finished the superb third season of TV’s The Expanse. There is also a segment on ‘comparative analysis’, which Russell reckons is a great tool to combat our ‘cultural amnesia’, and which includes Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Gordon Lightfoot and James Bond as examples. Russell also teases out the creative possibilities for mindful colouring – colouring in books for adults – which includes, in his case, scanning manga images into his computer and digitally colouring them in. He loves it when he hits that Flood Fill button, and a swath of colour is created on the screen. So much easier and quicker than all that laborious colouring in done by hand in the old school way. And quite therapeutic. There’s also an appreciation of the classic Rumiko Takahashi manga, Ranma ½.

Here’s another piece of mindful colouring Russell did, featuring the character of Miraculous Ladybug. He used a brick texture and some spotlight lighting to add more interest, then included himself (not so interesting!) to add more depth.

This podcast included a reading from the following book:

Everybody Lies, 2017, Stephens-Davidowitz, S., Bloomsbury, Sydney, p 220

The following songs and artists were recommended:

The Circle Is Small, by Gordon Lightfoot from the album Endless Wire (1978)

Maggie’s Farm and Lay Lady Lay, by Bob Dylan from the album Hard Rain (1976)

Sweet Thing, by David Bowie from the album David Live (1974)

Station To Station, by David Bowie from the album Stage (1978)

Here’s a quote from the podcast. Seems I didn’t have many quotables for this one!

  • Comparative analysis is a good way to overcome our cultural amnesia.

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