Transitionseeker Podcast #6

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This podcast finds Russell in the thick of the whole Coronavirus scare, but he manages to avoid giving a rant featuring his own politicised perspective, including a definition of Universal Basic Income. Instead, you get one of his many theories about Bob Dylan, a review of the James Bond film, Live and Let Die, and a segment that might be called ‘Six music streaming sites and a moral quandary’. What’s the quandary? Listen to find out, but it’s something about making playlists and contained within the question – when to stream, when to buy, and when to illegally download? Anyway, the six streaming sites being looked at are Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and Spotify. Along the way there’s much love for Gordon Lightfoot and Korean band BTS and their superlative tune, Boy With Luv, which Russell recently bought and downloaded from itunes (yes, it’s still going!) and more. Playlists are important. Supermarkets are the coalface of consumption. Human beings should not have to justify their existence. (Sorry, couldn’t resist a little rant there at the end!)

It’s not in this podcast, because he cut it out, but Russell recommends, for those who don’t know, that they check out for info about universal basic income.


Main pic: from John Shearer/Getty Images

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