Transitionseeker Podcast #7

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This week Russell ponders our changing consumption patterns in this new coronavirus world. How do we cope in a world without footy or other sports? What of that weird wasteland of television where so many programs have lost their live audiences? And if we run out of toilet paper do we flush with tissues or paper toweling, thus risking the ire of our landlords? Or do we wipe our bums with the stuff and throw that in the bin? In the main segment Russell goes a bit Twilight Zone with a dissection of pop culture and the psychological term of the unconscious, wherein he shares some of his own neuroses (books, books, and more books!), considers artistic creation as a quantum phenomenon and invents a new scifi genre. With the enforced self isolation he also finds plenty of time to enjoy listening to his Back From the Grave garage rock album, watch and review the Japanese film Rashomon, be psyched out by the pink elephants in Disney film Dumbo and discuss arcane points on Twitter about one of his favourite films, It’s A Wonderful Life and mousy librarians. In amongst it all he finds a new name for the virus – Boomer Remover. Don’t let it get you!

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Donna Reed as mousy librarian

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