Transitionseeker Podcast #9

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With the help of the recent stimulus payment Russell has bought some printer ink and a new laminator. That can only mean one thing: it’s print project time. Russell details some of his efforts, including the dvd movie covers project, and offers tips on how to get the most of out of those extortion-priced inkjet printer cartridges. There’s also a review of a Paul McCartney and Wings album where Russell has the temerity to suggest how Macca could improve on one of his songs. Another genre is profiled, this time the film genres of horror and crime. Plus there’s a look at the different types of plots that can be found within film. All good advice for the inner film critic. Amongst all this Russell ponders his consumption price trigger, and whether it is better to seek or to find.

Here’s some example of the printing project Russell mentioned in the podcast. He moved on from his film dvd covers to his Asianpop collection. Pics demonstrate correct use of chopping board, metal ruler and box cutter. Proper storage of your precious items is essential. Russell uses a dvd box/filing cabinet. But then again, he’s anal!

Here’s the calendar note that inspired today’s ‘seek or find’ koan. Note the quote on the right hand side: more good advice!


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